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Created in Lyon on 1998, ALCADIA has become a major partner for the actors and programs in the European Space sector. Aiming to be close to his clients, during this last 20 years ALCADIA has created different bases in Paris, Toulouse, Marseille, Rome and Kourou.

The expertise of our teams in RAMS, safety analyses, project management, site supervision, implementation, exploitation is our major force who allows to support our clients on a daily basis for the accomplishment and success of their projects.

This offer is indeed related to support one of our clients, big actor in the European Space sector, in the safety management of its projects.


Type of contract: Full-time Italian Open-Ended contract

Location: Frascati, Italy

The mission is based in Frascati, near Rome, with possible missions in Italy (Lazio, Turin, Fucino, etc.), Europe (Paris, Netherlands, etc.) and French Guyana (CSG – Guyana Space Center).


Directly embedded in the ALCADIA team installed in our client premises, in Frascati near Rome, the engineer that we are looking for will conduct different activities, such as safety analyses, design verification, follow up of implementation and testing phases, for different space programs, mainly related to VEGA launchers and Space Rider, Europe’s reusable orbital vehicle.

Pending the definition of the activities required from the client at the beginning of the mission, the applicant could be involved in the following:

  • Verifications of design RAMS requirements: verification of the different technical solutions studied by the project, with respect to its applicable references; solutions proposals to achieve the initial objectives with the identification of corrective actions; redaction of risk analyses and RAMS studies; key-points and reviews attendance and organization;  
  • Technical domain: Safety analysis of the VEGA launch system and Space Rider system, including launcher and ground facilities (integration, monitoring, landing, etc…). Risk analyses during design phase, qualification tests and launch campaigns will be also included;
  • Safety requirement verifications: verification of the ESA (European Space Agency) and LOS (French Space Operations Act) safety requirements during design, implementation and exploitation phases of the Vega and Space Rider programs;
  • Safety submission process management: preparation and management of the safety activities related to the submission process from ESA to CNES (French Space Agency), to obtain the required authorizations for exploitation in the Guyana Space Centre;
  • Safety requirements definition: elaboration of new documents defining the safety objectives and requirements for new developments or update the existing ones following project progress (implementation of corrective actions, design changes, etc…).


Engineer with competences on RAMS analyses and knowledge of the safety requirements. Experience in the space domain, knowledge of the VEGA, Ariane or other launchers, or Space Rider program, is a plus.

The knowledge of the Guyana Space Centre facilities and the VEGA launch system is important. Knowledge of the CNES safety submission process is a plus.

The applicant is proficient in English, knowledge of Italian and French is also appreciated.

Trainings on ATEX, Pyro or other regulations applicable in the Guyana Space Centre are also recognized.

The applicant shall be capable to easily integrate in a multidisciplinary and international team, give proof of autonomy, manage relations with industry on a side and the space agencies on the latter one, being prepositive on different technical subjects. His good relational skills will be an important attribute for a rapid integration in the project team.

Driving license required for missions in French Guyana.

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